Does anyone know what ▼ is in mono-lingual dictionaries?

I keep coming across ▼ after entries in the Sanseido dictionary, such as this one. I can’t find what it is anywhere. Is it for collocations? If I put them together, like from the example, 動物図鑑 doesn’t show in a dictionary, but does bring up relevant pictures on Google Images.

Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know about generally, because other sites I’ve seen have different usages than that appears to be, there it’s appearing before examples.


On weblio, those triangles are used to refer to non-standard readings or non-standard kanji.


Thought so. Thank you for confirming!

The marks aren’t standard though. In some other dictionaries you’ll see an X for non standard readings.
There are other triangles too, that aren’t black, those usually mean that the kanjis are jojo Kanji.

Usually (at least in EPWING files) there will be a page explaining the symbols and abreviations used in the dictionary :+1:


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