Does anyone know any auto-captions/transcript software?

So I’m trying to listen to a podcast(?) type thing called MILGRAM radio (actors from the webseries MILGRAM talk about the series), I have the episodes downloaded but its a bit above my skill level and the website doesn’t have any transcripts
I can read better than I can listen and I really want to know what the actors are talking about
Does anyone know any good sites or apps that I can feed the episodes into to generate a transcript?
I know it wouldn’t be perfect but I was checking some lines from the MILGRAM voice dramas on youtube and youtube’s autogenerated captions fared mostly well aside from some specific vocab like 監獄 being mistakenly captioned as 韓国 (but that’s a common word in the series so I noticed right away)

SubtitleEdit can, giving an option to use Whisper inside the app.

For just the transcribing part, Whisper AI is a relatively good one, but GPU is a requirement. (CLI)