Does anyone else type (then delete) angry messages into the answer box after a missed card?

Feel free to type (and then delete) angry messages in the reply box before pressing reply!


I usually hit my main man the answer box up with an a or あ, although in situations I’m annoyed I might go for a frdlgkhlems.


Nope. But now you’ve given me the idea to from now on :relieved:

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They mean, after you’ve already failed the item, not what you enter when you don’t know :wink:.

In answer to the OP, I don’t really do this, but I probably do swear out loud sometimes. Usually I am torn between two answers, and often manage to pick the wrong one. Like 傷める this morning… To hurt or to damage?

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Oh… In that case I guess I don’t. :^)


I usually swear at my monitor but maybe writing angry messages will work too.

I get so angry when I type きょうねん instead of きょねん or じょう instead of じょ and it says wrong answer.At first I didn’t care about it but the more I do it more frustrating it becomes.

During lessons I type angry messages to Koichi in the mnemonics notes when the mnemonic is so horrible and completely not helpful

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I see 今夜 I instantly type this night instead of tonight. 海魚 I instantly type seafish instead of ocean fish. Get red on both of them and I scream inside.

If I just get it wrong because I’ve typed in the wrong answer then I’m normally ok but when it comes to forgetting the same thing twice or 3 times in the same session and not even having a good guess then the red mist descends and I write some colorful stuff in the answer box before hitting enter and getting it wrong. Feels good though.

Lol, that one is a hard relate! :joy: That set of 4 vocab items are still driving me crazy! >_>

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I feel this one on a personal level, though:


I don’t atm, but then I’m only level 2 so still quite a noob. My main problem is that I’m using my phone so the keyboard is small. I have ‘fat finger’ syndrome so sometimes I’ll accidentally type the wrong key and then submit my answer far too quickly. Then I do mentally facepalm knowing that the answer was right, just wrong key (* -.-)

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When that happens to me, and it does so frequently, I write my version in as a user synonym. This has the twin effect of reminding me of the expected response and allowing me to pass the item.

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