Does anyone else feel nervous when mastering?

I’m always nervous when im about to master some vocab and kanji since my guru section really about to explode. A lot of reviews and stuff, it feels as if im always about to take out the trash when its too much when mastering.

Do you feel the same? I dont want to miss too much from the mastering cards. I need to get rid much as i can from the guru level. I just had one, i missed 3 :confused:


“Mastering” reminds me of Ragnarok Online :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I always feel a bit nervous when I’m about to master (let alone enighten or burn) an item :sweat_smile:

It does become a bit less nervous once you master / enlighten / burn enough items though.

In any case, never let failure to discourage you - even if it would be a burn failure! Instead, consider it an opportunity to study that item more!


I don’t feel the same. All levels are the same to me. It appears to me that this kind of pressure is counter productive. It is pretty normal to have a lot of gurus. After a while you will have a lot of masters, and a while later you will have a lot of enlightened. It is not worth to fret about that.


That is a very good 見方! haha.
I guess you right, should look at this way.
Its not that im thinking about it 24/7 of course, it is just i hate when it happens…


The more you do all of this the less you’ll think about it :slight_smile:

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Yeah you might be right. And yet the more guru you have, the more reviews you will have to sit and do them.
I got to a point where i have to review 170 daily on avrage, it was mentally exhusting to sit there and try to get most of them right. Not to speak that i didn’t really and fully rememberd that vocab and kanji in an efficient way.
And i just hate to have a lot of reviews, that would be counter - productive as well. To me at least.

Thank you for this point of view as well.

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Yeah i guess you right…
Again its not like im thinking about it too much.

It is just in that moment it hurts me. I’m a bit of perfectionist lol

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Master? No. Enlightened, though? Yes. Only because if you fail you go all the way back to Guru, so it feels like a real kick in the guts. I haven’t burned anything yet, so I’m sure I’ll fail something and it’ll feel even worse.


I dont care with that at all.

I just look at the apprentice number, now it is at 98 and and 37 lessons pending. That’s it.

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I know what you mean-- I hate getting words dumped back into Apprentice.

Several people in these forums say they have a certain number of apprentice items over which they will take a break from lessons, and I’ve started doing that-- it forces me to slow down when I’ve moved too fast to really absorb words. So I don’t do lessons until AFTER reviews, and if I have more than 100 apprentice items, I don’t do lessons.

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