Documentation Bug in API Docs

I’ve already reported this to, but I figured I’d report here too for wider availability. @Mods If this would be better placed in the API section, please move it.

I’m writing a Rust API client library for WaniKani, and I’ve run into a difference between what’s documented at WaniKani API Reference, and what the API actually returns.

Specifically, the User data structure at WaniKani API Reference doesn’t document the “extra_study_autoplay_audio” field in the preferences. This is the case for both the fetch and update operations.

The compiler and tests I’m writing will catch most errors where the type is incorrect, or if something I’m expecting to see doesn’t get sent. But fields missing from the documentation aren’t so easily caught since unexpected fields are just ignored.

There’s something else I’ve noticed, but I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. The example request for User update shows the documented body wrapped in a “user” field. This works when I perform a request, but so does just sending the JSON object with the preferences, without the wrapper.

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Thanks, @bladepoint. I’m asking our engineering team to look at your message and will let you know here/over email.