Do you want a WK-like tool for vocab learning? [Poll]

Are talking about installing the deck itself or did it crash after having used it for a while?

I never got to use it. It crashed after installing.

So a couple of things to keep in mind. The deck is very large and will take a while to load. Anki doesn’t have an icon that says it is working. It will just sit there saying something like “not responding”. Rest assured it is just loading all the content, which is a considerable amount. I would also recommend creating a separate profile because of this. Just go to File → Switch Profile and you can create a new one. I have also provided smaller chunks of the deck on the OP, that may help.

Let me know if you need any help and I will do what I can.

Good luck with your studies!

I didn’t touch it. It popped up on its own and said there was an error and I had to make a new user. It wouldn’t even let me back on my original user, it would just say the same error thing. I’ll try it again with a new user at some point so I don’t have to risk losing my entire user again.

Hmm okay that sounds like a crash. I personally haven’t had this issue so I’m sorry to say I don’t have any advice on how to deal with it. But definitely make a separate profile if you try again so you can protect your work.

Also there are a couple of maintenance options. Are you aware of these? They can help declutter Anki so it runs better.


Ok so I reinstalled Anki, made a new user, and it actually worked this time. And it seems I can actually get back into my original user too. I’m really dumb when it comes to Anki. I couldn’t even figure out how to make my own deck. Nothing would save. Thanks for taking the time to try to help me with this. I’ll be trying the deck out. Is there a list of the vocab anywhere by the way? I would like to take a peek at the vocab and meaning before I learn the word.

I will see if I can pull up a spreadsheet for you later today. Glad it worked out.

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Im curious, how is what you outlined different from HouHou (great tool).

The only difference that I see that it has core 10k imported, which you could do by choosing to import it into to HouHou - and im guessing this will be on-line service… I perfer one time fee’s rather than a reoccuring subscription - life seems to becoming about subscriptions - games / videos / music / others - I like to actually buy and own a thing and would be more happy to purchase app for android or windows… If you would be open to it, i wouldnt mind an android app.

If so, then frankly I dont think this application would be for me. I like HouHou how you can search a word, add it to you’re list and learn the word through the wanikani approach. (Though i wished the text box was bigger, maybe will be in future - but not a big deal).

How do you import 10k into houhou?

I haven’t actually done it but looking at the WK Expansion Pack and Master List it doesnt look so difficult.

See screenshot below - If you modify the 5/8/10k spreadsheet then it should be easily done. The Kanji Reading/ Followed by the accepted reading in Hiragana (what you would be tested on), the meaning of what is it, POS: adj/v, what type? not sure what LCL is and Tags like WK level etc. Once the excel magic done, you should be able to import the list.

Edit: I just had a try. Needs to be comma seperated file and on import in HouHou you can chose which heading assigned to which field on your CSV. There also Meaning Notes and Reading notes, these could be used for sentence expression & meaning - so you can see how that vocab is used in a real life sentence like the packs.

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My biggest curiosity would be if this tool would be usable purely on a browser like WaniKani is. The biggest ongoing reason why I don’t bother with Anki it can’t be used purely on a browser, making it worthless for me. I love WK and KW because I can log in no matter where I am and have full functionality.


i could pay some for, but i would prefer by free

i tried to import a 10k into houhou and failed horribly. If someone wold make a detailed explanation I would be very gratefull!

I would love this project if it had a way to sync with WK. I have no use for words involving Kanji I don’t know yet. UI and accessibility from mobile are the biggest deal for me.

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Thanks again for all the feedback. It’s been a month since my last post, so here’s a short update from my side:

This project is in the process of development right now. I expect version 1.0 to be ready for deployment by the end of May. Initially the application will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. iOS support and a web version may follow later on.

What to expect?
A Core 10k learning tool featuring SRS, similar to iKnow/Memrise/Anki but in the style of WK/BunPro. That means users are asked to type in the english meaning of a japanese vocab or the other way around.
Users will be able to choose whether they would like to learn the complete core 10k or just a part of it, for example only the words of a certain JLPT level.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Why would you make desktop versions at all over a web+mobile? Only reason I can think of is offline use on desktop. If you do make desktop applications, please try and build in syncing through Dropbox, OneDrive, Drive…

Plans for WK integration?

While I agree, I’m not convinced the list of acceptable translation for sentences is prohibitive either. There may be twenty different ways translate a sentence, but this is in no way an absurd amount to build a product around.
In such an endeavor, I would suggest a feedback system à la Duolingo, where users can report alternatives and they then get integrated into the system. Over a fairly short period of time (weeks in the case of decently-sized user bases), the list of acceptable answers tends to be quite comprehensive, and at times exhaustive.

For what it’s worth, and not to shoot anyone down, I genuinely feel iKnow fulfills most of the “wants” listed in the first post, in addition to including listening review and audio example sentences, which is a massive plus. Like WK, it’s a paid service, but also like WK, it’s accessible via browser and app and requires no setup.

That said, if an additional service were to more closely mimic WK’s presentation and “gamification” elements in the way it clearly tracks SRS progress, I can see wanting that.


It is good to hear that the project is in the process now. Can’t wait to see it. :laughing:

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The words that WaniKani teaches are not all the Japanese words that exist. There are still heaps to learn in addition to or after WaniKani. WaniKani only teaches around 6000 words.