Do you track your time?

I just review my bunpro and wankani and anki

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no i do not :+1:

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I used to in the past (using Clockify), but mostly to measure how fast can I go without burning out. Otherwise I’m not sure if it’s necessary :slight_smile: .

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Bit of a different Topic could I reach n2 ish if I finish Bunpro and wanikani up to 60 and have 20k anki vocab decks? My friends said no he is right or nah

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20k anki decks as in 20k anki cards?

I could read novels without a dictionary anymore by the time I got to 20k cards and passed the n1 without studying for it…

Did you mean 2k cards? 20k is a lot…


You mean, doing only Bunpro and WaniKani and Anki?

As @Vanilla mentioned you probably don’t need 20k cards in your deck. For instance, I’m currently reaching 13k and new words are either compounds of existing words or I can infer their meaning easily without having to check in a dictionary. Something like 10k should be enough, honestly.

Also, rather than grinding different SRS it would be way more beneficial to read and listen a lot. That’s more likely to be beneficial.


Quit WaniKani after level 13, quit Bunpro at about N4, my Anki deck had about 6k vocab cards and I had read 20 novels at the time (mostly slice of life and fantasy, no manga), comfortably passed the N2 (147/180) with my only test prep being one practice exam. You really don’t need a bunch of SRS.

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What can I use instead of srs I passed n5 but not good enough to immersion only

I keep seeing the number 20k for an adult vocabulary

Yea 20k words or unti it takes hours to find words

Ignoring rather or not this statement is accurate, what you’re basically telling me is that you want to know if having an adult level vocabulary count in anki cards is enough to pass n2?

Well the answer to that is a very strong yes. The n2 isn’t as hard as you seem to think it is. Having that level would put you far past most people who even pass n1.

I would suggest using srs and I don’t think grumpy was suggesting replacing srs with something else necessarily. But long term srs should be more of a tool to remember things that you have come across while consuming content rather than just some isolated task. I assumed your 20k words would have been mined from native content.

If you want to get into immersion, I would have your first goal for the time being to just learn the most common ~2000 words and report back once you’re done with that.

this deck has my recommendation


I do track my time, but only for immersion, don’t do enough SRS to bother with tracking that anyway. It’s a way for me to get a consistent “workload” for active immersion, passive immersion just happens, also no need to track that for me.
There is so much beginner content especially for japanese, I highly doubt you are unable to start listening to easy stuff, maybe you just havn’t found resources that interest you? :slight_smile:

yea i can understand the gist of beginner material, but i only catch words for anime with subs

With immersion, I watch 2 anime episodes every day, so 40min

for wk I try to do an average 170 review itens in 35min tops

When I used bunpro I took usually 1h.

Yes I do as a way to stay consistent by competing with my self the week/month before. It has helped, but it’s not for everyone.

lets say i pass the n4 mock exam does that make me a n4 unofficially

It makes you someone who has officially passed a mock exam


There is a listening portion to the test as well that is not being accounted for at all here…so I would say your friend is right. Also, I would wager that just doing SRS would not put you in a position to be able to complete the reading portion in a timely manner.


I forgot to mention I do practice reading but not much like 3 hours a month