Do you like beer?

I don’t read beer magazines very often, but when I do, I read the Japan Beer times. I came across this magazine at a brewpub in Tokyo a few years ago. They had free copies of several issues, so I brought them home to the US. I’m honestly not that much of a beer drinker, but the magazine is beautiful. Nicely printed, with interesting advertisements in Japanese, and lots of articles printed in Japanese on one page, and in English on the facing page.

I kept the issues around and kept going back to them for practice as my Japanese improved, and realized they are actually a fun and useful tool for study. It is real world, in the wild, Japanese for native speakers, and the advertisements use a lot of interestingly presented kanji and catchphrases.

A couple of months ago, I decided to visit their site, and it turns out they will send subscriptions to the US, and the subscription price comes to about $6 per issue for 4 issues a year ( 冬・春・夏・秋).

My first issue arrive yesterday, and it is beautiful. Very nice printing and a good coffee table magazine. It is the 夏 issue.

Anyways, I thought I’d mention it here as a relatively unknown, but pretty cool, resource. 乾杯。


Thanks for the recommendation!

This is my current favorite Japanese beer.


Love me some dark beer. But, reading about beers I’ll be unable to drink, sounds depressing.


Never really got the appeal of beer, unless rootbeer counts? :wink:


A few of my favs:

My absolute favorite though is my strawberry/chocolate porter that i used to brew myself. No added chocolate flavoring, that comes straight from the malts, the strawberry was just a hint which came from adding 2 lbs of fresh strawberries to the primary fermenter after the process has slowed significantly.


I drink a lot of western beer, mostly American/European craft brews, but the only Japanese beer I think I’ve had is Asahi. As far as cheap beers go I love Asahi, I’ll get a six pack when I just want something light to drink. I like the dryness of it. Is there a Japanese craft brew scene?

It was hard for me to find a variety of beer while I was in Japan. Every place I went to, even bars, would only have about 1-3 beers on the menu. Always either Asahi, Sapporo, or their 生ビール.

I eventually found my favorite though and it was called “Premium Malt”

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There you are :D! Yeah I do see you around quite often.



I’m a spirits guy (having some bourbon right now). Beer can be okay at times but I won’t often go for a second.

In terms of Japanese beers, I’ve only tried Asahi and thought it was pretty bad. I’d rather a Corona or James Boags.

Beer for me is how you end a night out or what you have on a hot day, nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day. As much as I hate VB, it’s probably the best beer for a 40C day, any other time and it is the worst.


Well, at least Visual Basic is good for SOMETHING!


That joke took me too long to figure out


In a forum slap full of developers, I figured SOMEONE would enjoy it :wink:


I’m not a developer but I do have a degree in it, so I appreciated it. Unfortunately I’m a Victorian so if I hear VB I can only think of VIctoria Bitter.

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The only time I had VB was when I went to say goodbye to a friend at the Sydney Airport, a guy I was pretty sure I’d never see again in my life. I said I’d buy him one last beer, and the only thing they had was VB for $14 each. That was a sad day.

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Have never had the pleasure of one, is this something like an E.S.B.? Those I do enjoy! Also, what does being a Victorian entail? Not knowing any better, my mental image of you is now:


That is exactly me, though my hair is a lot longer.


Yes! That’s my favourite beer that I’ve found in Japan. I used to live in Vancouver, surrounded by a wide variety of craft beer-y goodness, and now…not so much. Now, sake on the other hand…

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No beer recommendations but simply a couple of alcohol anecdotes to relay from my time in Japan.

Friend of mine who was newly arrived in Japan was always complaining about the ‘huge head’ they often give you on draft beer. Would regularly ask them to top it up which they are always happy to do. One one occasion when told by the staff that the beer froth is delicious, he replied in perfect Japanese something along the lines of ‘awa yori beeru no hou ga oishi desu you’. He said he’d been practising it for days and it was pretty much the first and most used phrase in his vocabulary from that moment on.

Another time I and some teacher colleagues used to meet for drinks on a friday after work. We’d gone through most of the beers after a few months and decided to try some spirits. I found a bottle of Brandy that rather being labelled VSOP (very special old pale) as you’d expect had way less letters. VP or something. Anyway it was ridiculously cheap so I bought a bottle.

Anyway upon opening it, I found it remarkably palatable and so I shared it around. We had a good session and finished the bottle. They were all raving about what an excellent find i’d made.

Next morning I awoke to the mother of all headaches and felt like my head was going to explode. It was several hours (and some painkillers later) that I finally could rise and called my friend. I said hello and his first response was ‘Don’t shout! I have the headache from hell’.

Turns out every single one of us had a headache and hangover from hell. Needless to say I never touched a drop of the stuff again :slight_smile:

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Not every country has a beer culture. In Belgium I think it would be quite impossible to find a bar with less than 10 different beers (usually there are at least 20).