Do you keep up to date with your reviews?

So far I have managed to keep up to date with reviews and lessons ie I go to bed with nothing outstanding. I know it shouldn’t make a difference but I think if I started to leave things outstanding there would be a temptation to let it slip further and would find myself getting further and further behind. How do others cope? Have you found yourselves with thousands of outstanding reviews but still kept going (or does the system stop adding new reviews after a certain point?)


I try to clear out the queue at least once a day. Sometimes I’ve let it go for a weekend (and on rare occasions longer) and come back to 500+ reviews, but you grind through them.

until now its fine for me to do all reviews as soon as they popup but ok… I am level 6 so I dont have to much … Perhaps it will change later as I progress.

I also try to clear my reviews at least once a day. Generally three times a day, but sometimes I can’t do it three times and I do it when I can during the day or before going to sleep

I’m not too strict about it. If things get in the way I just don’t do them, I’m not going to force myself to.


That said I’ll probably finish this today.

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So far, yep! I do lessons (and any random reviews) in the morning, then reviews at lunchtime and in the evening.

The only time that changes is when I’m on holiday, in which case I won’t be doing any lessons - then I just do all my reviews in the evening before bed. I still get them done on the day though (I put it on vacation mode once, when I was wild camping!).

You’re right about the slippery slope, I think - that’s why I’ve tried really hard never to let myself put them off till another day - but it probably depends on the person.

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I work nights (with the occasional day) so my routine isn’t perfect and life just sometimes gets in the way.

That being said, if I feel like the number of reviews is overwhelming, if I’m ambitious I’ll do half, if I’m like fuck this I’ll knock out 20 and try again in an hour or two. Ususally 20 is enough that I’ll get into a groove and accomplish more, but if I quit I tried and my review pile is a tad smaller.

I aim to do them at least in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes I only have time in the evening.

When there are a lot, I prioritise the kanji with the reorder script and do them in batches of 50. e.g. Last week I spent my time battling a 500+ review pile which I didn’t have time to face in one go. Because reviews kept being added on I loitered around 200-300 for a few days, despite regular reviewing, but this weekend I got it back down to 0. For me, anything around 300 means I’m not keeping on top of them the way I should be.

Well i try to finish my reviews each day, but sometimes I do let it slop, whoch is never good :no_mouth:
That‘s what I have to tackle today.

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THIS is WAY too true D=
I’ve had it happen twice. Once when going too fast, and once when I got ill but kept doing the level up items, thinking “it will pass, I’ll catch up on the vocabs/reviews after”. It lasted more than a month and by that time I was screwed -_-

I ended up reseting back to one both times, to start with a clean slate. Worth it =^_^=
This time I will never do a radical/kanji lesson if there is even a single review to be done! :wink:

Yes, I always make sure I got zero reviews by the end of the day. If there’s like three or five due at 11:30 pm or something then I let those merge with next day’s reviews.

Only exception is when I go on vacation or won’t be home for a couple days and have vacation mode turned on, otherwise I’m doing reviews every single day.

I like to keep up to date with my reviews, it’s lessons I sometimes slack on.

That said, if I’ve been busy all day the grind through like 400 reviews isn’t fun.

It doesn’t stop adding reviews, so if you were to go through the entirety of WK and never burn an item, after a year everything would be in your review queue.

That being said, if you at least do all your reviews by the end of the day, it should never get above 250. If you’re doing your reviews within a few hours of getting them, it should be even more manageable. Just make sure you aren’t biting off more than you can chew with lessons (particularly vocab lessons) and you should be fine.


I try to go through my reviews as they come, usually twice or three times a day. It’s not always feasible, though, because sometimes I work until 11 PM, and my boss drives me home. And they lock up and that takes a while so I’m usually home by midnight and…

Yeah, I can’t really perform reviews well at that point, so I wake up to 150 or so reviews for my morning batch.

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