Do you Keep free books on BookLive?

Booklive currently has a campaign for free ebooks. They offer several popular titles like demon slayer, naruto, dragon maid ect. for free and I just pruchased a bunch of ebooks. The campaign is until October 17th and I’m wondering if the books I added to my library will be unavailable to read after said date or if I can just keep them. I’m also kinda scared wether there be additional costs for me after the campaign ends.

If anyone has any experience with BookLive’s free ebooks, I’d be glad to hear from you.

Thanks in advance ^^

I could not find this promotion on

There are free books (まるごと無料) but it’s actually just the first book of the series, and if you buy the second book etc. you’ll pay the usual price.

If that’s what you’re talking about, then yes, the first book (that you get for free) will be available to you for as long as is still online. And you will not be charged for that first book.

Also a reminder: the website may be NSFW

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yes that’s the campaign I meant. It’s scheduled until Oct 17th. Thats’s pretty cool actually since I watched the anime adaptations of some of them. That way I can go back and practice reading.

Thanks alot for clearing that up.


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