Do you have any fun top-down mnemonics?

After running into some ‘old friends’ in my review queue, I thought it might be interesting to post and see if other people had fun top-down mnemonics.

By top-down I mean instances where for some reason or another you already know the more ‘advanced’ word/phrase in Japanese, and use it to help remember meanings/readings of its components. Here are some of my examples

My favorite example - 未来日記 - Mirai Nikki - helped me with readings/meanings for 未, 来, 日, 記, 未来, and 日記.

顔を上げて - Kao wo agete - lit. raise your face - this one has come up quite a few times this season, helps me remember agaru vs ageru.

勝負 - shoubu - match - I have trouble with this reading of these kanji (especially 負), so remembering a match is win/loss lets me remember “bu”


Heh, wouldn’t work for me :sweat_smile: If I saw a word with 記 in it, I would probably spend some time trying to remember from which anime title this comes from :laughing: So the usual way for me is to just use radical mnemonics and then go “woah so that’s why mirai nikki is mirai nikki”

Yeah, quite a few of my personal mnemonics are “oh, that kanji appears in [word I already know]”.

One I encountered comparatively recently is 覇, which is taught in level 52, but only comes with some fairly obscure vocabulary. Turns out it’s also in 那覇なは, the capital of Okinawa.

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