Do you guys ever look at posts from the past and see who "made it"

I like to frequent the forums on my off time at work and its pretty entertaining reading forum posts about various topics and such but what I`ve noticed a lot from reading past forum posts of a year or more are a lot of individuals making posts about their desired goals on Wanikani or being new and such but never progressing to where they want to be.

By “Made it” I`m referring to levels around 30-60.

But, on the off-hand its also very fun looking at forum posts of people talking about their current level and what they are learning and seeing that they`re a high level or 60 now as well. So I guess it works both ways. I just find it interesting and also a little intimidating I hope I reach my goal and don’t quit half way and such.


Yes, I do this, however….

IMO not a lot can be said about this.

Maybe WK wasn’t their thing and moved on to something that worked better for them. There are more than a few that still post on the forums here and at least one I know of that just passed the N1.

And on the other end there are those that get to level 60 and still struggle with reading because they didn’t do that enough since they were too busy “beating” Wanikani (guilty🫣).


Hmmm definitely, most likely living in a WaniKani bubble so to speak. Perhaps I’m a little biased as I live in Japan and have met quite a few people but specifically one person who quit wanikani and has been living and working in japan for 5 years and has only attained N3 and most recently failed the N2 by a large margin.


I find that I just keep coming back after falling and hope one day I’ll be one of those ones that “make it” to the end lol. Always interesting seeing those who have gotten far or those who have fallen off over the years. I always wish everyone good luck as it’s quite a journey to the end and hopefully they can make it (even if WK isn’t their thing and they move on to something else that works better for them)


I’m with you on that. This is a level up chart I posted in October 2 months after I arrived in Japan and started to get back into WaniKani. I found that being in Japan is motivating enough to help get to the end. But, I was most definitely that person who barely got anywhere.

Also welcome back!


Is this me? :flushed: It’s probably not me :c

+1 to this. Never made it past level 13 on WK but recently passed the N1 :3


Indeed. Congratulations by the way! Very inspiring to read your posts.


I’ve seen a few posts about that, but since you’re here and said it applies to you, if I might ask, what part of reading do you still struggle with mainly?

I ask because I’m an avid reader who reads level-appropriate material every day and the main things I find most difficult at this point now that I’ve got over the initial typical struggles with reading any new language are really the large amounts of unknown kanji and the subtleties of some of the more advanced grammar I haven’t studied yet.

I imagine you being level 60 wouldn’t have much issue on the kanji side, so I’m interested if there are other areas I might expect to struggle with in reading as I advanced further.

EDIT: I should note that Satori Reader makes the unknown kanji part a breeze thanks to it automatically putting furigana on the ones I haven’t learned on WK yet, but when I read things without that is when the kanji wall strikes.


Honestly, the answer for me is to just do it. I have all the “tools” I need that there is no excuse. It just hasn’t been a habit like I was able to make WK.

Thanks to all the great people on this forum, around level 20 I started trying to consume manga (thank you beginners book club!). Dipped my toes into a little news, attempted a couple books, visual novels and subtitled anime. Even reading the writing on the packages of the food in my pantry or the cleaning detergent for my electric razor.

But the experience was similar to when I was in grade school trying to read. Reading in English has always been difficult for me if my environment isn’t quite right or my anxious brain won’t shut up. So diving into reading Japanese was pretty rough (especially while going through Wanikani at the same time). Everything starts to turn into “white noise” pretty quickly.

Wanikani was nice because it fit into my schedule throughout the day and didn’t take a lot of effort, even going full speed.

Today was my only day off of working this week. I spent the entire day re-reading my first manga, Death Note. It’s definitely easier this time around, I learned a lot and was able to catch some nuanced language I missed the first time.

So there’s progress. I’m just trying to find a way to fit reading into my day that feels useful and not re-reading the same page over and over.