Do you do anything special to remember new words?

Usually a small silly mnemonic helps. Either based on the meaning or the sound of the Kanji.

Or sometimes the radicals in the kanji - 腰 (waist) has 女 (woman) within it - You can make the connection.

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As others have said before, putting things in context really helps.
It can be anything from reading example sentences to pointing at your dog and saying 犬 !
Memory anchors are really something you should consider reading about.

Take a look at this :
(I didn’t read it through an through but it looks like a descent intro to the subject)

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Seems useful extension! However I still don’t see it activates on website.

  1. Extension installed.
  2. Put the API key found in “API Version 1 Key” of Wanikani menu.
  3. Go a website like “dog” wikipedia and hit the wanikani icon
    => Nothing happens.
    Maybe there are other steps? Is there a way to check the extension can access the wanikani info? (like a “test”).
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For words I get wrong consistently (for whatever reason I’m not picking them up) I go and activate them in my 10k Core deck if they are there. (There are a few words not in the 10k, but most of them are, so I go with it) And then it becomes a part of my other Japanese SRS routine. It helps that my 10k deck also does English --> Japanese, like kamisame, and auditory recognition which is super helpful to hear it over and over too. Also there are full sentences in the 10k deck which really help with my comprehension as well.

I’m using 10k deck, which if you haven’t checked out, I really have enjoyed.

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A lot of times, I’ve wondered if this was “cheating,” but yeah, I’ll scroll through the WK app and glance at the “apprentice kanji/radicals remaining” under my current level and try to recite the meaning and reading to myself while looking. If I can’t remember, it’s right there so I click it. Usually this prompts me to write it down since I seem to be able to remember most of them and I’m not sure why those few won’t stick.

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You can check the settings on Wanikanify by right-clicking on it (the icon is a little pink alligator). If you go under Options, then you can select to Run On automatically, or you can choose to click on the icon to switch it on. I let mine run automatically, then if I decide I want all English on the page, I just click on the Alligator icon, and it loads back into English. I know that it has been updating because new words have appeared from my lessons in Japanese. I’m not sure if I’ve answered your question, sorry.

I take physical flashcards with me in sauna

I have a notebook where I write all the radicals, kanji and vocab with short mnemonics. It definitely slows me down, and realistically I newer look in this notebook after I wrote everything down (so I dont really break SRS rule), but the process of writing helps me memorise things. I just know that about myself and had to except that I will never be a fast learner. But it works for me


Hello, thanks for the help! It was not the question but now it’s working :slight_smile:

In the end I:

  • Created Token in “Personal Access Tokens” (maybe useless step)
  • Entered the “API Version 1 Key” in “Option” page of Wanikanify extension.
    Yesterday no success but now when I go on some pages and click the icon it updates the word. (note that it is not working on wikipedia for some reason)
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