Do you do anything special to remember new words?

I always do 20 lessons every morning at 5am, pretty much right after getting up, so I sort of know that feeling. Keeping things in your head when you’re still half asleep is hard.

What I do is that instead of staring at the lesson screen, clicking through items, desperately trying to remember things, I go through my lessons rather quickly and then use [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz for a few minutes afterwards to quiz myself on the newly learned items.
Since I dont have problems remembering the meaning, I only quiz myself on the readings. Doesnt even take a minute to get through all newly learned items once.
I go through them a few times until I feel comfortable with all of them, then go and make breakfast/ take a shower /… and come back 15 minutes later, doing them once or twice again.

Doesn’t take much longer, but increases my retention alot.