Do you cry doing your reviews?

Because I certainly do. Everytime something that I brought all the way to guru 2 magically slips out of my head long enough to fall back down to apprentice 1, tears start coming up, and I feel broken and miserable.

It happens a lot lately. Nearly 5 months and I know the torture has only started.




Yes, but it doesn’t really count because I cry for everything.


I cried before. Now I just accept my fate :sparkles:


Only if at the same time I listen to the CLANNAD soundtrack.


I mean this should be simple, just remembering some funny symbols and what they mean, how hard can it be?

I’ve failed “Absent from school” again today, I’ve done this word 88 times now, I know the meaning, i know the reading, but I only notice that it is that damned word once i’ve pressed enter.

It’s funny because everytime I push a word to enlightened, I feel almost relieved, but i’m pretty sure 99% of them will come back and I’ll drop them back down to apprentice 1 instead of burning them like a normal person…

You might think that I don’t cry anymore since I’m level 60… You’d think it’s all over after level 60, but don’t let yourself get fooled. It’s all a lie…


To remember the words better, you have to get yourself out into the wild and start trying to read things written for natives. Don’t wait to finish wanikani before you try. Get yourself a kids book written for a 3-year old, the kind with all kana and just animal kanji. Read it. Then get another. Read it too. Once you get comfortable with the grammar and vocab in books oriented for 3 year olds, get some for four year olds. Read them until you feel comfortable, then move on.

To tell you the truth, Wanikani is most effective for people who come in already knowing the vocab but just not knowing the kanji.


It’s just weird that I remember lvl 1 so well and everything else is a mud of uncertainty.

Sidenote, has anyone made an addon that tells you you’re making too many mistakes and to go sleep instead of wasting your time?


Did you mean when you listen to “Ichiban no Takaramono” from Angel Beats?

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No tears, but I have been known to let slip a ‘Japanese has no redeeming features as a language’ or two whenever i get stumped by some obscure alternative reading for a kanji.

I use the counter in the top right as an indicator. If I’m below 95% on there (about 90% in terms of words), it’s time to slow down and do better. If I’m under 90% (happens rarely, at that point you’re looking at 80% word accuracy) then it means it’s time to stop because I’ve likely been tilted off the face of the planet at that point.

I don’t think it’s just me, but Clannad has plenty if not more heart breaking scenes, not including the visual novel.

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Is this not normal for people to feel every night?


Naw. I’m much too angry during reviews…

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90% @reichter Man that’s pretty high by my standards. 75% is when I start telling myself to focus better or… idk focus better again. It’s hard to say “quit it and do something else for an hour,” because I don’t have that sort of time. The time I’ve got for Wanikani is the time I’ve got. I’d say don’t sweat it if you’re averaging over 80%. Cheat if you need to for passing a level but let yourself make mistakes as you go to really figure out what’s not sticking.

Why are we still here… just to suffer?

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Yes. Over that elusive vocab from like level 6 that seems un-burnable even at level 60.

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No, but I sure @%^#$@#!!! a lot! :scream::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::joy:

Yeah, those level 6 vocabs. pff
Been there.

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Who wouldn’t want to cry at this…
… and this is normal for me…
But, still, the way I look at it is, if I get over 50% I’m making progress, and I know a lot more kanji now than I did a few months ago.