Do you "cheat" on radical burns?

Since the WaniKani radicals are (arguably) useless other than in the mnemonics, do you burn them with an override/lookup even if you don’t remember them?

  • Yes
  • No

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I have started doing this. I offset it by marking things wrong that I really shouldn’t have gotten right.

I find that I don’t really use the mnemonics much after the first week. After that the radicals are pretty useless for me. I don’t want to use that extra time reviewing things that aren’t even Japanese.


I’ve definitely looked them up / confirmed them.

I think, “Is it the wanikani meaning, the same as kanji meaning, a meaning I made up in my head???”

The radicals were very helpful to me in the beginning, but you get to a point where you begin to know things so well in Japanese, you stop thinking about the english all together.


Of course i don’t cheat them. I’m here to learn, not to get instant gratification.


Depends what you mean. If I were to say “allocate” instead of “outhouse” for 充, then yes, I’d override it and burn it. If I said something completely unrelated to the made up name or the real name, I wouldn’t override it, but I wouldn’t really care either.

This would be a noble goal if the radicals had any use one or two weeks after learning them.


I do the same thing as Leebo

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I check all new radicals against a proper kanji dictionary radical list and then add the synonym “fake” for all of the fake ones. I don’t have the override installed.


No, I don’t bother doing a cheaty, too much hassle. With the radicals, I don’t care much either way once they’ve already unlocked all their dependent kanji.
I just look at it this way - If I mess 'em up, they’ll come back around eventually.
Once I hit level 60, I might change my mind though.


It depends. If I still have a pesky unburned radical and all the kanji associated with it are well known, then screw it, yes, cheat. If I think the radical still serves a useful purpose, then no.


Honestly, unless a radical is a kanji or closely resembles a kanji, I don’t waste the mental effort on them. Using radicals to learn kanji was helpful at the early stages when I wasn’t used to seeing kanji yet, but at this point I never use radicals anymore, so I cheat on them for every level. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yep if they don’t have a later kanji meaning then I usually just bypass them. my goto is “a”

Since i’ve never had formal kanji lessons in chinese or japanese… I actually wish i knew formal names for the certain standard radicals. I recall many just by their chinese name. I feel like I have come to a point where I recognize whole kanji with a water radical on the side rather than the sum of all it’s parts. However there’s still many many exceptions which I have yet to figure out a convenient way of remembering.

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When a kanji is first introduced, the radicals help me see the shapes in the kanji, instead of seeing it as a bunch of squiggles. So they are useful in that way.
Knowing their name, though, doesn’t really add much and I feel like it is cluttering my brain. I’m here to learn kanji and vocab not arbitrary radical names. So if I can’t recall them I either look them up or give them a synonym that is the same for all of them. I’d rather be reviewing kanji and vocab.


I cheat to burn my vocab and kanji too because it’s all useless. I’m just here for the forums


I hear ya.

The lower the item is on the repeat system, the more I allow a miss. The higher up the more strict I am about getting exact. The radicals I allow as long as it about what I meant, even if I couldn’t recall the exact word. I might be more strict when getting to the actual burn review, but less on radicals than any other items.

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I don’t, but I’m pretty thorough about adding synonyms to radicals if they’re easier to remember through a kanji or their official radical meaning (in instances where that’s separate from Wanikani’s mnemonic).

Jet fuel can’t burn steel radicals


no because only the current level kanji and radicals matter, if i get it wrong, then it will pop up again more times and therefore I won’t forget it.

A reccommendation i have is, if you’re going to look up/cheat, only do it on your current level if you want to progress faster and get more kanji to revise. then when they’re out of the level, get them wrong, and learn them till fluency

Yeah, but reviewing radicals after they’ve served their purpose just wastes time you could spend learning other things.