Do we learn any non-kanji vocab?

Do we learn any vocabulary words here that aren’t kanji-based, for instance greetings like こんにちは and こんばんは and the like? I’m surprised at myself for not thinking about that sooner.



Hmm? こんばんは is taught. Just, in its kanji form. There are a handful of things like that, which are almost always written in kana, but because they do have kanji we learn them in kanji form here.

こんにちは also used to be taught in kanji form, but since the kanji form (今日は) is much more commonly read as きょうは, they did eventually remove that item.

Things that are purely kana and have no kanji are indeed never taught.


Just have a quick check and I can confirm that 今晩は is indeed taught (Leebo’d!). And while WaniKani doesn’t teach the kanji forms of many words, it still helps immensely when it comes to recognising or remembering them, or figuring out their meanings.


No. This is a kanji learning system. The “vocab” is really just there to help with the kanji. You will probably want to use something else (anki, textbook, just reading/listening to native Japanese material) to actually build up your vocab skills.


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