Do the timers change with your level?

Hello all,

I started using the app 10 days ago.

For levels 1 and 2, the timers to get Guru (assuming everything was right) were roughly 2,4,8 and 24 hours.

Now on level 3, I’m seeing these timers doubled. I noticed it mostly when I saw the timer for the last step was 2 days, both for Kanji and Radicals.

Did I mess up something or is this normal? (Only other thing I did was starting using kaniwani)


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Yep, it’s normal. Levels 1 and 2 have shorter intervals than the other levels.

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Ah, thanks for actually paying attention to the intervals. I always wondered how they differed from the “regular” levels, and now I can see they really scale them back.

It’s weird at first but it gets normal!

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