Do reviews add up if I don't do them on time?

Hi dear WaniKani Community,

I couldn’t find an answer to my question, so I figured I might as well bother you with yet another newbie question.

I was wondering, if I don’t do reviews on time, do they disappear after a while - if so, how much time do I have - or do they add up to the next review session?

Here’s a current example from my review forecast:

If I don’t do the 30 reviews at 2am, will I have a total of 101 (71+30) at 8am, or will the 30 reviews which I did not do on time just come up at a later stage again?

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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Review don’t “go away” magically. Only if you actually do them :blush:

In the forecast, this is what the second column is about. E.g. you now have 20 review and at 2 am you’ll get +10 => 30 reviews in total. At 8 am you get another +41 => 71 in total… at least if you don’t do any reviews in the meantime :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: I figured. That would be too easy, of course.

I just wondered whether I only have a certain time to do a review “on time” before they drop out of my review section, for example once the next review session starts. Does that make sense?

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Oh I see! Now it makes sense. I was actually wondering what the difference between these numbers is… :crazy_face: Thanks a lot, this is quite helpful!

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No, no time limit. They only drop out when you actually do the reviews.

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You’re welcome. And good luck with your further studies :four_leaf_clover:


Reviews pile up when they are not done. If you stop doing them for weeks their number can grow into thousands. If you plan to stop doing reviews for an extended period you should turn on vacation mode in your settings. This freezes the review workload at the current level, postponing any further undone reviews in the future…

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Do the reviews disappear after a while…Lol 🥲


Thanks a lot, this really helps. I was just worried that I would not be able to do current reviews if I don’t do them in a certain amount of time. Glad to hear that I have all the time I need and just have to deal with them piling up until I manage doing them :yum: