Do most levels have 100 vocab words?

Just out of curiosity, I don’t think this is true for the first couple levels, but do most of the levels have exactly or around 100 vocab words in them? Vocab words as in not including kanji and radials. Also how many levels are there (sorry I know that’s a lazy question lol…)?

As a side note, Wanikani is amazing lol, gonna get a subscription ASAP!!


Usually about 125 words.

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Yes, as you can see in

52 AM


On a side note, if you are planning to get a lifetime subcription, I would wait maybe a few weeks. WaniKani usually has a discount around the end of the year on the lifetime subscription of about a hundred dollars. Just something worth considering.


60 levels, in case that was not clear from the awesome graph. And yeah, it is amazing. I have learned a lot here and had a good time. Definitely do subscribe when discount season comes!

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