Do I have to remember a kind of sound of each kanji?

most kanji has both kun yomi and on yomi sound. I have known that wanikani will choose the sound that use more frequently for each kanji. (sorry, if i was wrong) I would like to know whether I should remember which sound it is or not.

Thank you everybody for answer in advance.

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When you are first starting, I would recommend not worrying about it.

This will probably mean that sometimes you are confused and don’t know how to explain why you got something wrong, but trying to remember the categorization of readings while trying to learn the readings themselves is probably just too much information for a beginner.

After you are comfortable with learning new readings, when you go back to look at those early kanji again, you will feel a sense of it all coming together and making more sense. You will have come to have a feel for which kind of reading something is just from hearing it.


What Leebo said. Plus, as you go further, you’ll be able to spot the differences intuitively, just focus on learning the readings as they are taught in context.


Thank you very much. at first i think knowing that will help me when reading the kanji. as in reading explanation, i saw the jukugo and okurigana word. however i didn’t remember which sound is kun yomi or on yomi, so i question.

I am currently at level 7 and I am having a really hard time with rendaku. Really frustrating at times.

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So am I. hahaha. wish it will be better soon.

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