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Welcome to the Genki II Chapter 13! This week will serve as a trial period since its the first week with the group up and running.

This week’s homework: complete Chapter 13 and all corresponding practice questions by Saturday 2/6. Post answers to as many questions as you can, and for partner work just pick a person and ask away!

Instructions for posting:
Post questions, comments, and replies to the questions. Please marks all posts with the section number and page number so they can be easily identified.


  • “I’m lost, how do you write 読む in the potential form? (Section 1, page 30)”
  • “Question 1 (Section II A, page 40): 試験し、宿題し、今週は忙しいです。

Please add a spoiler tag to any answers like so:


Is this the work of a userscript? :eyes:


hmm the blur spoiler should be available for everyone but the other options are probably userscript! I borrowed the image from someone else that made a tutorial on the blur feature lol. These are my actual options:

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 9.24.08 AM

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