Dishwashing material?


So I don’t have a dishwasher and I sometimes get to do the dishes for very long minutes.

Do you know of any beginner resource that would make these dishwashing moments “Japanese learning moments”? I’m thinking listening material that would ask me to repeat sentences. Something I would play without the need to click “stop” or “next” (because my hands are busy obviously)…

Any idea, even stupid, welcome!



I think there are a lot of podcasts out there that might work. Tofugu has its own (my favorite one so far is about rendaku), or something like japanesepod101 would work, too. Just pick a podcast. Set it on repeat. If it’s short, you might hear it more than once, which will be annoying, but could be helpful!


I don’t know what level you’re currently at with your Japanese, but if you want to try a Japanese-only podcast for beginners, Nihongo con Teppei is great! Episodes in his beginner series last about 4 minutes each, and he uploads new ones regularly. Episodes on his other series last around 10 minutes each and are good for advanced beginners/lower intermediate level.

There’s quite a big archive so you can just let your phone play through the episodes in any order non-stop while you’re washing dishes :wink:

Otherwise there’s the NHK “Easy Japanese” podcast…I tried it a few years ago and got bored, but you might have more luck with it!


Japanese Ammo with Misa on youtube.

I do the dishes listening to her, but you do have to deal with ads (at least I do) but I have my rhythm in-between washing to click “skip”


I like the podcast ひいきびいき


Here is the free listening app from minna no nihongo (android version, free, script for a small fee). Corresponds with the first 25 chapters of the beginner textbook:


Thanks! Japanese Ammo With Misa is great. She repeats a lot and is very articulate in her explanations. And the content is both cultural and practical, perfect!

@Saida I used MNN the first time I tried learning Japanese, (5 years go) and it now feels quite boring. ^^ I have similar material from the Genki CDs coming with the textbook though, definitely a good idea to play the tracks from time to time!

@skymaiden Bookmarked! I’m a bit rookie to learn with Japanese-only podcasts, but will probably listen to Teppei a few months from now. : )


Amen to that, you get some “Dora the explorer” moments with her silences too lol (I jest I jest, she is awesome!)


You might be surprised at how much you can already understand in the beginner series, if you’ve already learnt some vocab and grammar before :slight_smile: He speaks slowly but in a natural, unedited way, and explains words with lots of synonyms and English loan words/Japanese-pronounced-English.

Anyway good luck and good dish washing! :grin:


In that case they also have audio to go along with the second beginner textbook. Adventures of Mr. Miller continued!

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I like to use my dishwashing time to do some shadowing. There are some different resources out there, but since it’s basically just repeating as you listen, you can do it with basically anything. It can really help with identifying patterns long-term and practicing tone and pronunciation.
I like using a textbook with a CD and then I can put the tracks on my mp3 player and shuffle the tracks to make a little challenge for myself. It’s fun and the actual shadowing part is usually like a minute per section, so I can usually practice a section a few times or do a few sections! :blush:


you sure it’s eco-friendly? :joy:


I can suggest JLPT N5 Listening samples (there are a lot on youtube) for more or less active listening. For example:

As for me, I usually turn on the news while cooking or doing the dishes. To be honest, I understand nothing :sweat_smile: Except for 病院 (hospital) and a few other simple words. But I don’t care for now)))


I’d highly recommend Living Languages. That’s what I used to get started in Japanese, and it gave me a solid foundation. I never really used the books-- just listened to the 40 lessons over and over again while running.

The cover makes it look it’s about how to master your dental hygiene but, hey, you know what we say about “books” and their “covers” (hummm, someone named Victor Hugo also said form is the substance which rises to the surface).

Jokes aside, many thanks for this reference, and at less than 25USD, it looks amazingly cheap!

I think that’s really the problem… :sweat_smile: I know Miller-san has his fanbase but he personally gets on my nerves.

But if you’re into him: last time I was at the Japanese library I found out there was a novel about him… A_NO_VEL! Oh boy, it’s sure no Thomas Mann but maybe you’ll want to give it a go.


Yeah, he’s not my favourite either, but I just think it’s a fun gimmick. I usually just read the stuff as stand alones, so no extended universe. I did hear about the novel, and I got some Miller magnets on a book order once.

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I am using two types of materials for the dishwashing time (yeah, I am with you here with this sort of thing :sweat_smile:).
One is the Graded Readers audio tracks. I’m not a great listener, so using this time to listen to a story or two that I read before helps.
Another thing is using the audio materials to the Ask Publishing series of JLPT 単語. So I learn a set of words at some point and then listen to them and their sample sentences on repetition. This way I recognized 説得 right off the bat when I saw it on a WK level
N2 2500 Tango
I have the ones for N2 and N1, but all others are also available. Audio files come through an audiobook website that has smartphone applications, so I listen to those with the phone in my pocket.


:star_struck:Okay, I just checked out the beginner version of Nihongo con Teppei and I freaking love it!! Thanks so much for the tip. :two_hearts: