Discourse Bug: YT videos "ghostplaying" when scrolling down

I wanted to make sure this has something to with Discourse and not me, before I maybe make an account and post on the official forums. Has anyone experienced the following?

I’ve started noticing weird behaviour with YT videos, where the videos I played restart or unpause as I scroll the thread further down. Guess it has something to do with how Discourse loads new content. I think this has happened before, but only lately I really started noticing, so maybe something changed. I basically have to reload the page everytime a video starts autoplaying outside of the screen.

Happening with latest version of Firefox at least, with all extensions disabled.


Actually, I think I’ve noticed that too.


It’s happening with me too. I’m using firefox


I’ve noticed that on Chrome, not too recently. Usually I just press F8 (on mac) to pause everything and then continue.

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That’s a thing? :open_mouth: How does it work?

If I’m using Spotify, or was just using it and then watch a Youtube video, pressing F8 pauses Spotify but not YouTube.
But if it’s on the forum, playing the videos there as I scroll and the ones played previously unpause at the same time, this button stops everything :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I was just wondering how it finds the embedded video not in focus from the webpage. Apps are a given, but didn’t think it works for stuff inside the browser.

Not sure. I’m not very tech-savvy haha

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Yep happens on Brave too

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I found a few topics on it on the Discourse forum.

Seems like this bug is due 4 years and the devs have stated ‘it’s too hard to fix’. Seems like a pretty serious issue to me. Threads where lots of videos are shared are unbearable.


Still, most people are saying it’s only a problem when scrolling up. I wonder if this is a new issue altogether.


it’s a bit creepy isn’t it?
same for me on chrome


It just stops whatever sound source is playing even when not in focus since it does it via the underlying API.

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Videos stop playing when I scroll almost always. Haven’t noticed restarting.

I’m on Firefox btw, mac, win10, and android.

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It has always done that for me.

When it does, I immediately reload the page in the browser. It’s smart enough to find the same spot on the page again you’re currently at, but the youtube clips get reset so they don’t start playing again every time the page loads new comments.

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