Disable IME Input Mode Switching on Different Textbox

Hi, does anyone know how to change the ime (windows) to stop automatically changing Input mode when a different text box is selected?

I’ve been using keyboard shortcuts to switch input mode manually every time it changes automatically -but I want to turn off the automatic switching all together.
The input mode should only change when I tell it to, not when it thinks it should everytime I switch textbox… if I’m typing in 1 language it should stay until I explicitly tell it otherwise (works like this on mobile, not sure why i cant get it to do the same on the IME)

This kind of shows whats going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61icVct66zM
It occurs no matter which app, as long as its a different textbox

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It doesn’t change on every input switch for me, but it certainly switches more often than I’d like without me telling it to. I have no idea why it does this, but hopefully someone can provide an answer.

The input language is selected per application instance.

So, if you have it set to English in one instance of Notepad, Japanese in another instance of Notepad, and Japanese in your browser, those are what it will switch to every time you activate those specific instances.

You can easily test that out by opening three instances of notepad, typing 1 in instance 1, 2 in instance 2, and 3 in instance 3 so you can easily distinguish them. Now change the input language to Japanese in instance 1 and 2 and leave instance three in English. Now, switch between them and you can see it will retain the setting accordingly.

Similarly, if you have multiple instances of your browser open, each instance has an associated input language and it will change accordingly.

I doubt it’s actually changing on every new textbox, rather it’s changing when you change application instances as described above. For example, if you go to a webpage that has a form with multiple textboxes on it, it won’t be changing between those form fields, because they’re all in the same app instance.

There is no way to disable that behavior afaik.

I’ve been having possibly a similar issue in that mine switches to romaji output in Firefox only whenever I change windows with Alt-Tab, but not all the time. I eventually noticed that the Alt key on its own toggles between romaji output and kana output while Firefox has the focus, but not all the time, and I’ve never been able to figure out why or how to stop it.

(At least one of my threads on this subject is still lurking around these forums somewhere, I’m pretty sure, and I never got a satisfactory solution from this bunch, sooo… :stuck_out_tongue: )

But yeah, the ideal solution would be if I could disable romaji output for the IME permanently, since I literally never use it - if I wanna write in English, I’ll use the English keyboard. That way whenever I switch to the Japanese keyboard, it’d already be in kana output mode, and I don’t have to keep pushing Alt-Shift and then Alt-~ all the time.

Generally, I’ve learnt to just deal with it. Honestly, by this point, I count it a win if I manage to go more than a month before Windows re-installs the US English keyboard on its own. That one’s particularly annoying. I definitely don’t need two English keyboards.