Difficult sentence for me. Please check my understand

The sentence


What I think it means…

Before the sales of 恵方巻 ramp up facing 節分 next month, the MAFF has decided to notify industry group of convenience stores and supermarkets for the first time in writing to sale to meet demand because of the problem of 恵方巻 that remain unsold are discarded in large quantities has become a topic of discussion.

Thanks for any help!

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節分 is the end of the Japanese winter season. That’s all I can help you with though.

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Is the uncertainty here over the grammar of the sentence, or over the meaning of 恵方巻 and 節分? Only, leaving those in kanji makes it look like you’re not sure what those are supposed to be, and your grammar looks fine…

Sorry! Although I understand 恵方巻 and 節分, I would not know how to go about translating them to English. Yeah, I was mainly concerned about the grammar more than anything! Thanks there!

Moving into Standard Japanese news articles…

Oh, a direct transliteration is fine. Ehomaki and Setsubun.

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