Differentiating word types?

So, I sometimes find that I answer a question with the correct meaning but it’s not the meaning WK is asking for.
For example: 公用
WK teaches this as a noun, meaning government business or official business
I already knew it as an adjective meaning public, and of course when I automatically answered with this I got it wrong. So I went to add in public as a synonym and at that point I could see that it is listed as a noun.

My question is: Is there any way the word type (noun, adjective etc) could be visible during reviews? (Maybe there is an app that does this? If so could someone please let me know which app?)
In the mean time I will just add public as a synonym, but I really think it could be useful to have the extra information reinforced with each review, similar to how it is done with KaniWani.

Thank you in advance!

It’s not an adjective as far as I know. But basically any noun can modify things with の.

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