Different kanji reading than usual

When i first started wanikani small tsu “っ” &
Small “ゃ”, “ゅ” “ょ” in kanjis throw me off
Now i am used to them.
順 “じゅん” first time i see such a combination.
Is there any weirder ones? :sweat_smile:
Edit: changed the title

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I don’t understand why that’s weird…(and so what else would qualify)

Not sure they come up on WK, but there’s stuff like ディ /di/ for loanwords, and small vowels like ぁ and ぇ which get used in manga.


Just to clarify. I am not saying that is wrong or weird in term of reading. But i mean it my first encounter to a kanji which has something proceed “ゃ” or"ゅ" or “ょ” which isn’t う く つ
But ん
Sorry for misleading title.

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I remember thinking the same thing - “hey, this one’s different!”. I’ve had the same thing with a few others before that - only later to realize that it’s not different, just the first. You’ll get another じゅん on level 23.

I still do double takes with 3+ character kun readings, or with vocab that’s almost exclusively vowels
((いきお)い、お(いわ)い, etc)

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鳳凰を覆おうほうおうをおおおう。Let’s cover up the phoenix.


I guess I should be happy it doesn’t mean “Excuse me, what time is it?”


Yep, this is definitely one of those contrived sentences that will never come up in natural conversation.


Odd one for me is the Small ke like “三ヶ日”. I think I first noticed it in Japan for the station name 雑司が谷 written like 雑司ヶ谷。By the way, that station is on the 副都心線 (ふくとしんせん)。


I think you may find the following unusual as well:

曲 - きょく
極 - きょく・ごく
略 - りゃく
客 - きゃく

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TIL that I’ve been pronouncing the small ke wrong in my head this entire time :disappointed:

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