Different fonts


I’ve found that I have trouble recognising Kanji outside of WK because WK always shows them in the same font.

I use WK almost always on an iPad, btw.

A search on the forums showed me that there is a user script called Jitai.

But there are 2 problems with this:

  1. Cannot use on iPad/iOS
  2. On my desktop PC, TamperMonkey wants to permission view and alter every website I visit.

I’m not happy with #2.

#1 means I’m forced to use a PC for WK.

So, my suggestion: allow users to select different fonts in WK.

This is almost trivial to do, so I hope you can schedule the < 1 day’s work required to achieve it. If your dev team thinks it’s a bigger job than that, let me know - I might be able to help. :slight_smile:


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There is a lot of scripts that i wish were implemented on the website, i also use it a lot on iPad/smartphone. The variable fonts and the double-check one are the ones i miss the most.

Not a perfect solution, but in case you didn’t know, on Chrome you can limit what pages extensions work on. So even though Tampermonkey wants permission to view and alter every website you visit, you can force it to only work on wanikani.com.


Don’t think the devs see this unless you tag them.

Thanks. How do you tag it? I’d have thought the “Feedback” forum would be seen by WK staff.

(Spent 10 minutes looking for the tag option - again, on iPad).

Actually the website it’s pretty screwy on iPad…I can’t get the “Reply” button by scrolling - I had to use TAB key!

You use the @ mark with their name. I’m not sure who would be best to tag though.

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