Differences in Usage of 3 words i heard

I was watching Overlord and I noticed that these 3 words characters mostly says:
sou desu ka
sou ka

i’m not sure if i wrote it correctly, i just based it on what i heard. Anyway, the english subs translated all those 3 as “I SEE” something that means like “so that’s how it was”… I am really confused though, does it mean I can use any of those if i wanted to say i see? or there is a particular usage for each of them?

そうですか and そうか are basically just things you can say to let the other person you know you’re listening. For the most part. Depending on how you say it, it could imply some mild surprise as well.

です makes そうですか more polite than そうか.

They literally mean “is that so.” But we also say “I see” in a similar context.

なるほど expresses the fact that you agree with what the person is saying, probably because of some circumstances, such as your own personal experience with such things being similar.

One takeaway from this, I think, is that あいづち is very important in Japanese. The person listening to the speaker is kind of expected to pepper the speaker with these little remarks that don’t usually mean a lot, but they just show that you’re being attentive. They are used in higher frequencies than in English.


Thanks for the clarifying their uses :slight_smile:

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