Difference TO and CC

What is the difference between TO and CC?

You mean in email? Is there some Japanese aspect to the question?

in email with Japanese aspect.

Well, if it’s about email, there’s no difference related to the Japanese language.

The only difference for to and cc in an email is basically how you want to categorize the recipients. Some people think of main recipients being in the to field and others being in cc. But it doesn’t change anything about the act of sending or receiving.


To - direct addressee
CC - other people who should be aware of your email

Both groups receive the email, and both groups see both To and CC emails. If you want to send a hidden copy to someone use BCC. BCC email address will be stripped from the email, so only the sender and people in BCC will know they are on there.

CC is often used in business environment to keep managers aware without directly involving them into a conversation.



I definitely misread the title as “Difference と and つつ”…

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Hah. Thanks. I also found this article https://differencebtwn.com/difference-between-to-and-cc

Also, since probably only us old timers know this:

CC means ‘carbon copy’, which is the method of copying used in receipts. In the past, it was used more frequently for copying other things, too.

And BCC means “blind carbon copy”, which means nobody sees who else you sent the copy to.


Also, .to is the top-level domain for Tonga and .cc for Cocos Islands


In the past, it was used for copying everything, aside from manually writing it out twice. No photocopiers or printers (or even computers) back in those days. You wanted to type a letter to send to more than one person? Stick a sheet of carbon paper in the typewriter between two sheets of regular paper, and now you’ve got a carbon copy.

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