Difference between 起こすand 起きる

Hello!, I’m learning japanese :slight_smile:
While I was studying kanjis, I got jumped into those kanjis “起こす” and “起きる”.
I would like to know the difference, Could someone help me? :pray:
(btw sorry if my english isn’t right, english it isn’t my native language :sweat_smile:)

The former is transitive, the latter intransitive.

彼女を起こす → to wake your girlfriend up
彼女が起きる → your girlfriend is waking up


起きる is to rise, to wake up, to get up, to occur
This is intransitive: you rise/wake up by yourself; something happens by itself

起こす is to raise, to wake up someone, to cause
This is transitive: someone else has to wake you up, etc.

So think of 起きる ——> ‘I woke up”
And 起こす ——> ‘I was woken up’

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