Difference between 矛 and 予

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Correct. This was something that Kristen and I talked about a little while back (after someone brought it up in an email). While halberds and spears are similar, they’re not the same weapon. The 矛 (you might also see it called a Hoko yari) lacked the axe blade and back hook that characterizes a halberd, so we removed that meaning and made it just “spear.”

As for why it still pulls it up in a search, I’m afraid Kristen will have to tell you if that was intentional or not.

EDIT: It was something that only history buffs and weapon nerds were probably going to notice, but since I am one of those, I pushed for making the change. :wink:

You could make a case that yari should include “halberd” as a meaning, since there were a variety of different kinds of them. The 月形槍 (tsuki nari yari) for instance is still not quite a halberd, but is also not a traditional spear. We don’t have 槍 in WaniKani, though, so it was a moot point.


I heard a rumor that more kanji are getting added though. :slight_smile:


“Halberd” was the only meaning and removing it completely would make everyone who learned it already wrong in their next review, which isn’t very nice. I moved it to the whitelist so that those people wouldn’t be marked wrong.

I think Viet and Darin made the whitelist searchable at some point, which is why it appears when you search now. I thought it was only for the old radicals, but it looks like it might be for everything “hidden” or otherwise. :open_mouth:

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I knew it! Those crazy Swiss Guards are trying to deceive us by naming their spears “halberds”.


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