Difference between あひる and かも

What is the difference between あひる and かも?

Google says its the difference between a domestic vs wild duck. My Japanese wife says its more like the difference between pig and pork, but is unsure after we looked it up on google.

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Google images shows two different types of living ducks. :man_shrugging:

They have separate Wikipedia articles. Google agrees with WP.

From glancing at the Wikipedia articles, it looks like かも is a family of animals and あひる is a specific species.

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Hmm, yes it looks like this paragraph in the カモ article speaks to the distinction:

日本語と異なり英語の duck などヨーロッパの言語では、基礎語彙のレベルでは野生の鴨(: wild duck)と家禽のアヒル: domestic duck)を区別しないので、翻訳に際して注意が必要である。バリケンも鴨の範疇に入る。雄は drake ともいう。中国語においても、日常会話では認知的に両者を区別していないため注意が必要である。

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I checked. Zero dead ducks shown.

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