Did you ever do too many lessons at once?

Well, “plenty insane” isn’t insane enough! haha

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I’ve been doing it that way since I started WaniKani with over 95% total accuracy. It’s working well for me, but I’ll adapt if it’s less effective on later levels (I just reached Level 8 last night).


Yes - doing reviews as soon as they come is a great idea - but for lessons, having 20 new kanji at once might be hard to remember, in addition to 50-60 vocabs. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work at all, just that I wouldn’t recommend it.

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This is what my daily review count looks like with 20 lessons per day, 10-11 days per level, and keeping Apprentice items around 100:

I’m pretty comfortable with around 150 new reviews per day. Doing the full batch of lessons past level 20 or so is probably going to increase that to 300+ per day with decent accuracy, although it will increase your leveling speed.

If you can keep up with that then go for it.


can you elaborate?
yeah maybe, Actually it’s experiment for myself(Increasing stamina kind of). In the beginning it was difficult for me but now I am used to do 20 items whenever I got and about reviews, before I was reviewing like this morning to next morning but now, after reading guideline, I review three times a day. I got more than 50 reviews for morning session only. I am still adjusting myself.

I have a tendency to do more lessons if they’re radicals or vocabulary because I generally find them much easier to retain. Kanji, however, I usually do no more than 10 in one day, or if I’m having a bad day, then I stick to 5, because I have a harder time retaining new Kanji information. Probably because I only need to remember the meaning for radicals, and I usually already know the meaning for vocabulary and only need to know the reading, but usually for Kanji, I need to learn both. I also encounter many of the vocabulary in Japanese anyway, so they’re not completely unfamiliar to me.

Edit: This also heavily depends on my current mood and mental condition! On some days, I can remember stuff really well. Whereas, on days I’m stressed, I have a hard time even associating things I already know.

Edit 2: Also depends on your current level and exposure to Japanese, I suppose. It’s easier to do a lot of lessons on easier levels, before the Kanji gets tough. Also easier to retain if you’ve had the chance to regularly encounter Kanji in the wild.

Seems like a lot of reviews if you keep doing so many lessons without regard to your Apprentice count.

I guess it might not have been a script if you had just meant you were doing 5 or 10 lessons before the quiz, and doing that until 20.

@Aramaruma, I was in the same spot as you at level 6!! I had only glossed over any “how to” and had not really participated in the community - I just jumped in and cleared my lessons every day. If you are interested in how that went for me, you can read this thread about my experience as a cautionary tale :laugh:

Pace your lessons, try to hit your 4-hour reviews more or less on time, don’t let reviews pile up. If you feel like you aren’t getting enough learning out of that, try spending more time on grammar, reading, and listening skills, maybe sign up for a conversation exchange like Tandem. That will help you more in the long run than racing through the kanji. Knowing more kanji is not helpful if you can’t actually understand the language.

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Thanks for the advice.

Yeah, I see why people were saying to slow down now. I still can’t help but race through the levels as fast as I can though, haha.

However, I’ve changed to prioritise radical lessons, and then I space out the lessons for everything else over the week it’s been taking me to level up, making sure to have 0 lessons before I level up. That way I’m spacing out my lessons, minimising the time it takes to level up and not letting lessons pile up between levels all at the same time.

It’s pretty much the same as I was doing before except now I don’t have days where I wake up to >150 reviews. I don’t see any downsides to this, but do you think I might be missing something?

I’ve always done them all in one go (save two times when I literally passed out while doing them),

I hate it. Usually ~100 lessons or sometimes more… and it’s always right when I get home from work and just finished almost 100 reviews. Then I wake up four hours later and have 150 reviews to do. Then I get on my lunch break at work six hours later and have 150 reviews to do. I’ve been at a seven day per-level speed since starting, doing all my lessons/reviews literally whenever I possibly can. From my breaks at work to sitting in my car, if I can do them I do them. Happens once a week and it’s never not been the absolute worst part of my week EVER since starting Wanikani.


I think as long as you are able to keep up and stay sane you are doing fine. Not sure why you are trying to go quite so fast, but if you have the time for it I guess why not!