Did wanikani previously have more features?

Like was mentioned previously, framework updates have cause several of the scripts to stop working. As these scripts were third party options anyways, I wouldn’t call that WK’s fault, and many of the scripts were updated also to continue functionality, though sometimes in different ways. For example, the Reorder Ultimate script went through at least 2 major revisions, but has stopped working altogether in the past few months. Most people have switch over to Reorder Omega which has a lot more customizability, but is also more confusing and less user friendly.

Some major changes I have seen (since late '19 when I started) are mostly additions, including:

  • Extra Study: The big box that allows you to practice burned items, or recent learned items, or problem items? That’s fairly new. And very cool. You used to have to use API-usage sites like BishBashBosh for those options.

  • API Tokens got a major revamp a couple years ago, the version 1 tokens are now obsolete and only version 2 tokens work. I believe the old tokens were just a single access code to your account, while version two allows you to choose different levels of access for different sites. However, this did break some things, like wkstats.com’s really cool Projection feature. You could type in different estimated times per level and the like and it would give you nifty charts so you could understand how many reviews you would have and how long you would take at different paces. Ever since the API upgrade though, the page has looked like this:

  • Reset Account used to be a hassle. You had to email in requesting a manual reset. The ability to make 2am drunk and frustrated resets on your own didn’t used to exist. Not sure this was an improvement tbh, but plenty of people like the option.

  • Resurrection: The ability to “unburn” items is new. The only way to resurrect these cards before was to reset your account.

  • Mnemonics got a major overhaul in 2018, I didn’t experience this but I believe it was to standardize the memory tools throughout the levels. Check out Tsurukame, the iphone app, and you can see there’s still a setting to use the old mnemonics.

  • Audio: The old pronunciation audio files were retired, both current voices are new as of 2019.

  • The Dashboard: The entire dashboard got a massive overhaul in 2020. That was a huge honking deal. Those giant buttons that say “Lessons” and “Reviews” with the Crabigator getting slowly overtaken by turtles depending on your numbers? Those did not exist, and the links were up in the top bar. There were plenty of complaints from people who could not figure out how to get into their reviews, but fortunately the forums links took up like half of the dashboard and they could get directions that way…
    That awesome Review Forecast on the right side? Did not exist. Instead it just told you how many hours until your next review.
    The Level Progress box with how many kanji you’ve passed and little green dots showing you which Apprentice stage each kanji is in? Very different and less useful.

  • And for the largest update: WaniKani originally started with only 50 levels. Levels 51-60 were a later addition. There were plenty of complaints that many of the kanji and vocab in the new levels were obscure and uncommon, but it was also pointed out that even with the new levels, there were still some 250+ N1 kanji missing from WK, and many of those are even more obscure, but people ought to know them if they want to take that test.

So I’ve wandered vaguely off topic, but it was a fun memory challenge. If anyone has a good screenshot of the old Dashboard I’d love to compare them side by side.