Did my review queue just skip a bunch of words?

So, I had something like 13 things in my review queue. K. I’ll knock them out quick, I think. I get about halfway done, complete a couple more, and bam, I’m done.

“Huh. That was fast.”, I think to myself.

Except my results show I got about 7 wrong, when I got 1 wrong. Now I have 7 new critical items that weren’t in my critical condition items before the review, but they never even popped up in my review.

So, did WK just skip half my review and automatically count everything wrong? Has anyone had anything like this happen before?

I have this same experience some times. It’s strange though. It maybe be because you leave your reviews in between & take a break but still the session is not over yet.

I’ve done that before, but this particular set I did straight through.

Do you have any user scripts on?

EDIT: And are you sure you didn’t start these reviews? Partially done reviews stay for up to two hours.

Nope. Here’s some more text for the character limit.

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See my edited extra question too.

I’m not even sure what you’re saying? I was in the process of doing the review, when it skipped to being done, and I got a bunch wrong by default, since they never came up. I’ve had several reviews time out before, and it started up normally where I left off. I did this entire review session in about 5 minutes in one sitting.

I was just double checking. If you didn’t partially review them and get them wrong, then something is probably wrong. If nobody can think of an explanation then you might want to tag Viet.

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