Did I understand/translate this correctly?

It’s from a YouTube comment: “よく見ると女武者八重が乗っている馬が変わっていますね。”
My guess is something like “On a closer look, a female warrior riding a horse is doubly eccentric,” but the “八重” part confuses me. The full comment is


Edit: Is there a topic for little questions like this, in the same way there’s a thread for short grammar questions?

Link to the video? I think we need context.

八重 is a name, read as やえ

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I read it as the horse that 八重 was riding changed, if you look closely. It goes on to say that maybe it got into an accident or hurt. So they literally swapped out the horse in a later scene.


:man_facepalming: How did I not see it, yeah, it’s Lady Yae.

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That’s what GTranslate gave me, too, but yeah, it seemed off.

I’m now guessing the sentence means “On a closer look, female warrior Yae riding a horse is eccentric, right?" or maybe “On a closer look, Yae being a female warrior and riding a horse is eccentric, right”?

What, no I dont think thats it at all. Read the rest of the comment


Besides, 変わっています is describing the horse, not the person riding it doing the action of riding the horse.


The main clause is “よく見ると[…]馬が変わっていますね”, so “on a closer look, the horse is strange, right?”
“女武者八重が乗っている” is a relative clause describing the horse :slight_smile:


Why did you delete that @infinitia? That actually helped me understand it better.

Anyway, holy shit I got it wrong. I think I get it now. Thanks people.

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Sorry about that. I’m just nervous :flushed:

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