Did I tresspass?

Can anyone help with translating this signpost by the Hiroshima’s university’s Botanical Garden at Miyajima island? What is forbidden? I assumed it was entry by car?

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It just says “No unauthorized parking on the site”


Thanks! We were walking for an hour looking for a beach and that spot was the only one that was not too steep of a cliff. It lead to a very nice beach. But how do you know 駐 at level 35? :wink:

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Jisho.org, my friend.


Plus, haven’t you seen 駐車場 basically all over the place in Japan? I certainly did. :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly, I did not see 駐車場. It was a quick one week vacation. In Kyoto, we stayed in Higashiyama in some old neighborhood where the streets were too narrow for cars, we did lots of biking to visit shrines and walked over the Nishiki market. In Miyajima, we were hiking a lot (Mount Misen and along the shore). In Hiroshima, we looped around with the tour bus stopping at the Peace Memorial Museum and at the train station for Okonomiyaki. In Tokyo, we walked to the Imperial gardens and some nearby Izakaya in Roppongi – that was the only time we were in a place where lots of cars were circulating around but I was focusing more on the google maps to not get lost.

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Ah, I quite liked Nishiki Market. Might have to go back on my next trip.

Anyway, I can kinda see why you may not have seen much of them if you weren’t walking around a great deal, but tiny car parks exist on practically every second block in the big cities. And yeah, they often use the english “Park” or just the ol’ :parking:, but 駐車場 is all over as well. Here’s photos I took from Google street view just now, all literally within a block of Nishiki Market. Took me less than ten minutes.

(Actually, Google Street View is a pretty good way to practice real-world Japanese reading anyway.)


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