Did i cheat to burn an item?

Hi everyone,

I have this user script that lets me cancel an answer if i make a typo, and i swore to myself never to use it if i actually don’t know the answer.

I recently started burning items, and this just happened:

I had to review 口 (the kanji, not the vocabulary word or radical) and i entered くち it didn’t work but it didn’t count as a wrong answer either so i tried ぐち which is a possible reading like in 出口. This time, it did count as a wrong answer… I clicked the typo button, and later burnt the item by entering こう(without looking it up).

So what are your thoughts about that ? Is it cheating ? Does it hurt my learning process ?


I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll have that kanji reading in numerous vocabulary words that will want to be burned.

Oh, and in real life you won’t confuse the word and the onyomi-kanji. No damage done.


I think in the end only you can decide this. The thing that would hurt your learning process the most would be if you stop studying. Any kind of studying is better than no studying.
Failing to burn an item can be a big blow to motivation. So, it’s a tradeoff. Ideally, of course, it would be better to keep an item non-burned until you memorize completely…

Personally, I don’t use scripts, but I do consult my notes whenever I’m hesitant, so, in essense, I’m doing the same…
But, as I’ve said, the most important thing is to keep studying.


Well, you just made some confusion between the on’yomi pronunciation and the kunyomi pronunciation. This can happen and I find myself in the same situation sometimes as well.
The fact that you remember the other word which involves a rendaku rule is even a plus!


No user script at all ? To me, the typo button is a must-have :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If an item i was supposed to burn gets back to guru over a typo i’m going to loose my mind for real :dizzy_face:

Thanks for your feedback guys !


I would say it’s cheating but you don’t need to worry about it too much. Unless you need to take JLPT exam. It’s because during the exam they will have trick questions like this and you will be confuse if it actually read as ぐち、くち、くし、or ぐし.

In addition, people will be confused when you have real life conversation as well if you tend to mix those up. However, I think if you could go far enough to the stage that you can have a fluent Japanese conversation. You would be able to iron out this bad habit quickly.

I used to cheat the same way as you did as well. However, I stopped because I took a JLPT N4 mock test and I was really not sure which furigana is correct during the kanji test section. And we can’t cheat during the real exam (obviously). So I decided to let it goes whether it’s a typo or not, the wrong answer is still the answer as simple as that.

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I see what you mean but in real life conversation, this wouldn’t be an issue. I sometimes have a hard time remembering which reading wanikani is expecting for a kanji review, but for a vocabulary review usually don’t make that kind of mistake. When i do i don’t click the typo button anyway :slight_smile:

I don’t have to worry about JLPT, i’m learning Japanese just for the sake of it.


It’s cheating if you feel like it’s cheating, it’s not cheating if you don’t. We are all sane people here, if your definiton of fun was to autoskip every kanji and get to 60 in 2 days, that’s fine, that’s how you decided to use the service.
I actually don’t find that 口 is so common as an onyomi part in a word, mostly it is in kunyomi. It appears ONCE as an onyomi on wk, probably a bit more in other words.
@Mods I would definitely consider adding more words with こう as the reading, considering how that’s the emphasized reading in a word, which is rare for bodyparts.


Now that you mention it, i don’t remember learning any word with 口 pronounced こう :thinking:

人口, that’s the one


Oh right, i haven’t seen that one in a long time, probably going to burn it soon :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not cheating. ぐち is a reading of 口, it’s the program’s fault for not having that reading built in.

Thanks for the suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll share it with the team.


It also doesnt help the word its in shares the reading with 人工, I feel like youre more likely to memorize this one and just lump 人口 with it, than remembering 口’s on-reading


If you know how to read the word in the context of vocabulary that’s a lot more important than remembering which reading WaniKani wants you to type in I think.


This is my opinion, and not the word according to dog. I wouldn’t worry about it. For me, Wani Kani [WK]is a tool in my toolbox that supports me in learning to read and understand Japanese writ large. This is to say, it helps me learn and remember things generally but, I don’t have to be exact every step along the way because, where it matters more is reading native material. All in all, my goal isn’t to be the best at WK that I can be. With this in mind, if it comes up when you’re reading the news or a novel, and you understand it, that’s what really matters. Nevertheless, if WK is your termination point on this journey. And your only goal is to reach level 60 on WK, and be the best at WK that you can be. Then yeah, you cheated. So ultimately, it’s up to you.

A post scriptum. I will say that often I think that people think fluent=perfect. I know that I’m not 100% perfect in my native language all the time. I sometimes forget words when talking to others in my native language. (The other day I couldn’t remember ‘contrarian’, so meh.) Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.


I’m crazier than most people; I wouldn’t take a do-over for a typo. I’m teaching my fingers typing too. I have a couple of chronic typo ones where I make the exact same mistake every time, and I’m going to keep failing them until I can type it right the first time. I’ve started to instantly recognize those and consciously think to myself, “whoa, dangerous one, type carefully”. And I like that. :man_shrugging:

I WOULD take a do-over if I answer something like “flat object counter” and it wants “counter for flat objects” - basically if I said the same thing. But that’s rare enough that I just curse and live with it or add a synonym rather than tempt myself with a do-over button.


Ha ha, that’s some dedication to your finger muscle memory :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Usually if I don’t have a ton of reviews I’m more careful and scrutinize my typos as wrong but anything over 100 I go full speed to get them done quicker and am bound to make typos. What I do to make sure I actually know the word is by saying it out loud before I type anything, then watch as I type in the wrong characters because my hand is one key over.

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That’s worse than cheating. It’s a crime!
Anzeige ist raus!

(What’s Anzeige ist raus in English)?

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