Diction exercises

Hey so I basically couldn’t find an appropriate Google search query for what I’m looking for and wondered if anyone here knows of a good resource.

I practice reading out loud to get my speaking a little better but when my tongue trips over 感じられる for the millionth time (りゃ、りゅ、りょ and ‘nr’ sounds are bad for this) i wonder if theres some page of nonsense phonetics designed to be said repeatedly to practice pure pronunciation - like scales for a musical instrument to practice technique.

I dont want to be able to speak ridiculously fast but i would like to not get tripped up by these things quite so frequently, and a mindless exercise is something I could say all day when I’m at work rather than being consigned to the time I have for japanese study when I’m trying to focus on other things like memorizing kanji or learning some grammatical construct.

Anyways that was very long winded. Anyone have a sheet or something of these to practice? Im thinking of a scene from the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi where there are drama students in the background reciting what sound like tongue twisters and wondered if something like that actually exists.


Maybe not exactly what you’re thinking of, but this is a free self-paced course on all aspects of pronunciation. Includes many exercises to shadow the examples.


On a different thread a while back, I posted this. It’s a poem that performers use to help their pronunciation. In addition to that, you can look up 早口言葉はやくちことば if you’d like something shorter. Both of these use real words so for an exercise that makes you say isolated sounds this exercise may be up your alley.

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