Dialogue Resources JLPT 4 early 3 level?

I’m looking for scripted dialogue resources (preferably audio AND written) that are in a speaking style (both polite and casual) that I can practice on that are a little more varied than the basic textbook resources. Topic doesn’t really matter at this point, because I just am just not talking at all aside from really simple sentences.

My grammatical level is likely around the end of JLPT 4 stage, so some JLPT 3 grammar points would be okay, and JLPT 5 resources are a bit to simple. (I’ve taken 2 years of college level Japanese a long time ago, and completed lingodeer as a refresher recently plus some additional grammatical review)

I have no one to practice with, and I just need stuff I can read aloud and listen to that follows speech patterns and not written patterns, because I don’t want to talk like a book (or a song)! (Also, many of the common Japanese language suggestions hello talk, discord etc are firewalled where I am mostly on the internet grrrrr) The scripts are important because I can read a little slower and also make sure I’m getting it right, then get up to a more natural speed.


Shadowing: Let’s Speak Japanese (there’re two volumes)
This book it’s great for practicing both listening and speaking.
All dialogues are scripted and the speed of the dialogues are very much up to what you’ll hear in actual speech (not a numbed down or slowed down version of what japanese sounds like :wink:).
You can put all dialogues in a mp3 player until you can hear them and say then like they are second nature.

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