Detect passing a review

Hi! So I am pretty much a beginner in JS so sorry for this noob question. I was trying to detect a review being passed while not messing up my Double-Check script. (It’s basically a script that allows you to re-type an answer you’ve given by intercepting the WK handler (at least that’s what I understood while reading its source code correct me if I am wrong)) After experimenting a bit with the elements window open I realized that this fieldset changes values when answered

So how do I go about detecting whether this thing has changed or not? Or is this even a viable option??

By the way, I do have a lot of experience in other programming languages like python and C so I am not a complete beginner :smiley:

You could either monitor the element with a mutation observer or you could monitor jStorage (which WK uses to store session data, such as current item and review queue) using $.jStorage.listenKeyChange("*", callback)

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I’ll second the suggestion of the MutationObserver. In my ConfusionGuesser script, I’m using it for the same purpose:

let fObserverTarget = document.querySelector("#answer-form fieldset");
let observer = new MutationObserver(m => m.forEach(handleMutation));
observer.observe(fObserverTarget, {attributes: true, attributeFilter: ["class"]});

This will cause handleMutation() to be called for every class change in the element. In handleMutation(mutation), you can then check if the classList now contains “correct”:"correct").

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