Desktop vocab notification application

I had an idea for a new desktop bot that will notify you with your burned Wani Kani words, to keep you sharp.


An application that shows you a random word every hour from your WaniKani API, only the burned words. With this word now you make new sentences through the application and add it to your excel sheet. Finally, you can import this excel to Anki to go through all your sentences again.


  • Main screen with textbox
  • Add button
  • Notification for the new word
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I was here to change the title from “Desktop vocab notifaction application” to “Desktop vocab notification application”.

Good idea, burn items can be forgotten. Of course someone would need to implement it.

There’s already a Burn review script:

and Burn Manager script:

and other burn item discussions, see this thread.
(sorry Kumi, couldn’t quote you for some reason).

They idea of this application is not to review burned items, I mean ofcourse this is also a good idea, but what I was thinking about is, that you have a bot that gives you a word every hour so you can practice creating sentences.

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Here is an example of how the app could look like:

  • You get a notification from your bot. When you click on it you go to the app and then you see a word, In this case, it is kuruma.
  • Now you need to create a sentence with the word, it doesn’t really matter how big it’s going to be, feel free to make something based on your level.
  • Finally, you add it to your excel, so in the end you can use it in Anki to go through your own sentences again.

JP Bot

not sure adding your selfwritten sentences to Anki is the best use of time though, because you already knew how to write them when you created them, and you’ll likely learn more from reviewing sentences you didn’t fully understand at first.

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Improved the design, decided to build this for mobile. Ofcourse the word should appear in Japanese.