Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B8!

Thanks! It’s what I imagine a Durtle Koichi looks like after burning from his Durt Durt battle.


Oh no, what is this avatar…?:DDD You scared me for a sec:DD


Also, from my logs, there it is, but I was spelling it wrong. (not enough o’s)

(I did do all the capitalizations)


No need to be afraid. The mighty Tall One will rise from the ashes in due time.

This avatar is merely my tribute.


Oh no D::::


Someone (rfindley maybe?) did it with just the first letter of all the kana, and you could kind of make out ‘genki’ but we dropped it at that time without taking the next step when it wasn’t perfect.

That, and the Mrs. Chou thing, and the “I was only misspelling eGoooott” thing gives me the lesson to stop giving up on ideas so easily. Run them out to exhaustion.


I’m in awe of everyone here keeping on this puzzle. I’ve been following along, roughly. Because I’m bad at puzzles and give up very quickly. So I am super impressed with all of you and I enjoy being able to follow along on this despite being too impatient and bad at puzzles to actually solve it myself.

So great job on B3.

Also, that was an epic battle and I look forward to more!


I think that’s it. He wanted to make it not-guessable if you hadn’t followed the clues, so he made one of them a non-real word. But for us to not just reject it outright as a non-word, he had to point to that book specifically out of a list. (And still we were rejecting it as a non-word for a long time).

Sorry for serial stream-of-consiousness posting, but I’m catching up on a lot of action. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe the tall action indicates (since everything is reversed, up is down) we need a ‘short’ person, and by ‘short’, a newer person. Like, the clue will be in the lower levels of WK. Also, the regular durtle’s suggestion to chill, do polls, etc. means it might be located on the forum outside of this thread, or on WK proper. Watch TV - maybe he recruited Misa or CureDolly or someone to embed a clue in their videos. (that would be evil, especially if I have to endure CureDolly to get a clue)

My understanding of the extended hints is they’re just more. That is, not required because the gist of the mnemonic is already there, but it helps provide more rich detail to make it a full “scene” in your mind and maybe more memorable. This one doesn’t seem unusual in that respect.

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I’m planning on using a mindmapping tool to keep track of the arguments when we resume. Here’s an example of how you could use this to partially represent the B3 stage. Not totally sure which tool I’ll use, but certainly a free one. Wrangl seems to have died, but that would have been my first choice. This is the tool @


I just woke up and caught up and… Oh no koichi

stands waiting with hand in the air…

nonchalantly smooths hair down with un-high-fived hand :smile:


I think I read a theory somewhere in the last 400 post or so that Koichi picked the wrong page number by accident for that book rather than purposely choosing to make it a non word.

(Just found the thread around 24 hours ago so I wasnt part of the B3 puzzle though)

That was my joking suggestion, but it would have had to be a big mistake. There’s not too many words with 3 consecutive same letters, no matter what page he picked them from. Maye someday we’ll get the “behind the scenes, making of the Durtle Heaven puzzle” story. :slight_smile:

I would especially enjoy video of Koichi reading our comments and going “arrgh! it’s RIGHT THERE!”

A t-shirt with this, only it’s “to eGoooott, simply enter the password.”

Ok, so for what it’s worth, I think the chilling for 3 days thing is a clue, but a figurative one, not a literal “there is nothing for you to find.” It’s in there somewhere.


I think you mean “no oh” :wink:


But @AmandaB has that angle covered just in case. :smile:

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My friend has an Amazon Merchant account, so he can make these t-shirts to sell if you guys/gals are serious about wanting to buy one. I just don’t know if it’s against the forum rules for me to post a link to them on Amazon.

If someone can let me know if I’m allowed to link to eGoooott shirts, I can get him to add some shirts on Amazon.

Personally, I would never buy an Egoooott shirt, but on the other hand, an eGoooott shirt is something I might consider…


Fixed my eGoooott type-o.

eGoooott T-Shirts

  • I would buy one if it’s official
  • I would buy one even if it’s not official
  • I want to see the end of the descent before choosing
  • I want an official WK T-Shirt but not eGoooott
  • Durt Durt!

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It would have to have a big image of a Durtle on it too :wink: