Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B8!

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This is what I got (sorry my 9s look like a).


I find it really strange that this password would have so much guesswork involved while the previous two allowed a very direct path to the exact string of characters that should be used as a password, so I feel like there SHOULD be a more direct translation into the password, even though the hint of “what these have in common” kind of throws that out the window. Just for kicks though, I really quickly threw the 91 hex kanji into google translate, which translated the lines from chinese as: Sauce, Aldehyde, and 醰酦醡 (really helpful), respectively. Obviously one should not trust google translate, but hey, it’s something I tried. Also I noticed that the second character in the third line changed slightly due to the translate, but I seriously doubt that, or anything involving google translate, has anything to do with it.

In other lines of thought, part of the clue’s introduction says something about his new boss “changing everything around,” which might indicate that the 2-letter hex pairs are somehow mixed up (I have no idea if someone’s already mentioned this, I came to the party late and skipped over a fair amount of messages).

Also, sir durtle makes a mistake and says “you may be able to descend to continue your descent”. No idea if that was a mistype or intentional, but maybe worth pointing out.


I have o for (a,b) without spaces

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Was that u :thinking:

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Ah, my mistake!

Wait, I think you’re misreading my handwriting. There is no (a, b).

Indeed, I meant 9b, which I think is o

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Can we find any hints in koichis ladt post?

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We have 2 capital letters… so 2 words?

R and T

I don’t get where the 33 in the equation came from, maybe that has to do with something?


The 33 Degrees of Freemasonry - Wikipedia ?

33 is 42 - 9, where 9 refers to the nine pairs. I get it

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That Rihms ? LOL

Even though… they don’t have any thing in common… I think we are losing track

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Who has indulged
Me? I am confused but many
Thanks. Merry Christmas!


Still haven’t been told
winner for WaniKani
Wednesday, that’s weird :thinking:


Adding it as image instead, so we can more easily see without leaving =)

I wonder if ANY of these are real clues, or just a jab at us trying every angle! :wink:
We haven’t done the Illuminati angle yet though, THAT must be the real clue! :rofl:

And look at that 42%! koichi must be pleased! :wink: