Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Anything with zero or four legs, or two wings, is worth trying at least once…

Edit: more than four legs is ok pretty often, actually.


Two legs is often also ok

When I went to kyoto i ate a complete sparrow


I have two legs.

If you come near me with a fork, we will have a problem.


Pretty sure the sparrow is covered by “two wings”.


thank you! Spam is great.

My favorite food.

Oh right, eGoooott and all that. We’re decently close to april 1st, I think I may even make it without forgetting about the thread to be honest.




A fork is not ok but a spoon is?


Says you.


I watched this for way too long. It’s very hypnotizing.


Okay, there is no hint…


he’s probably just waiting for 9000



Then would the relationship between post count and power level be a clue?


Wouldn’t that still be at 8000 then?

(After actually looking it up, apparently the english dub has it as “over 9000” while the original version has it as “over 8000”, so I guess either would work. Apparently speaking English increases your power level by about 1000)


Drat! I hate when a story is “to be continued…”


Wait what???

My life is a lie :exploding_head:


Wait, so could we all be lowering our power levels by studying Japanese?


Increasing our efficiency…


Is a high or a low power level better in this game? ゴルフですか?