Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


When this is all done, definitely post it in its own thread. The non-jiddlers don’t know what they’re missing! :joy:


I’m not sure they will know even after reading it


I don’t know what I’m reading and I’ve been here this whole time.


Was this example sentence around before?


I do not think so. Then again. I rarely read the sentences.


I have never seen it either. Is it possible to see when pages have updated?


I looked through the announcement thread but couldn’t find any notice that they changed it. Page source looks normal, as far as I can tell. But yeah, I do think this is a new one.


I’m planing on sharing these with some non WaniKani friends :rofl:
I showed them the jiddle and gave them a quick summary of each level and how we solved it.

We were watching “Ready Player One” and the entire plot reminded me of the jiddle! Not just the fact that they chase weird riddles, but also so much fun cameos from all around =P
I just HAD to show them the jiddle afterwards :wink:


Aye, that thought has crossed my mind once or twice too. Is Koichi planning on retiring and passing on his empire to whoever can solve the puzzles? Read the book, though - it’s better.

It doesn’t once feature “eGoooott”. Or anything like it. (That’s a good thing.)


I own the book! =D
I’ll add it to my ever growing list :rofl:


I have an exam on april 1st😳 how did they know


I‘ve been wondering, what animal is that in your profile picture? It‘s so cute!!


Looks like a chipmunk to me


Fun fact: we have a football club here in Hungary named ETO FC:


Happy Cakeday @NathaLire


May the eGoooott be with you!


Thank you :blush::birthday:

My profile picture is indeed a chipmunk!! :smiley:

I guess yours is a tiger :eyes:


Is it? :eyes: I wonder how you guessed that :grin:


Some say chipmunks have great senses👀


Like taste? They taste good?



How could such a thing even be suggested