Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


Gotcha!! Oops. Wrong person. Sorry!


I think it pretends not to, but every single one of its “moral support” posts has contained useful informaton.


The pile of ash, which has since been dusted off into a corner, crosses your mind.

You briefly ponder whether it is possible for a redurtling to occur to bring back this lost adventurer, before discarding the thought and again shouting for those you think may be able to help with the descent.

@a-regular-durtle” and “@koichi-descended” echo through the cavernous chambers once more.


Hey, your three days of redurtling are up, it‘s time to show your new self!


If we don’t get a clue now, I’m all out of ideas :frowning:
I fear this will be the darkest time in our adventure - we can only wait to see what comes upon us.






Omg, I love these!! :durtle_love:


These are great!! Will you make the full story like this?! =D


Surely this is what we’ve been waiting for all this time. The True Chronicles of Captain Bottomfingers.


Sandor Clegane would have been a good digger, if you have read the books



For Captain Bottomfingers I wanted a female character due to her having a husband, so Sandor wasn’t the right fit. Sandor Clegane was in my list for possible Ugly Brodos, but I wanted a cast beyond just Game of Thrones… so stay tuned for that casting.


So it seems nothing will happen until the countdown ends. By then I may no longer care. :man_shrugging:


May eGoooott forever be in your heart


Granted, it‘s Sunday early morning in Portland. We might need some patience.


Maybe someday we’ll know how that should be taken.