Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B5!


I have no idea what’s going on here anymore or what eGoooott is, I’m just here to let you know that y’all are famous


They spelt it wrong?


T-the spelling is a…clue?


Same. And I needed a distraction, so here I are…


Nope. This thread is just limping along slowly with some hoping we get some sort of clue at 8000. At the speed with which the thread is moving, it seems people are losing interest.


Having a timer,
I’m just waiting
Now for it
To end.


I only started looking at this thread at B4 so i don’t know if anyone’s said this yet, but eGoooott has 4 "o"s and 2 "t"s. 42, the meaning of life. eGoooott is life.

Now that I’ve contributed to the grind to 8000 posts, time to fade back into the shadows of lurking.


EG 42


42 cats? I don’t remember there being any cats in the clues. Did I miss something? Where are the cats?? What level? I thought we were dealing with durtles or turtles or alligator crabs. What’s going on??






Is this relevant?


Reptiles only got legal a year and a half ago where I live. The list of legal reptiles is short, and I have almost one of every kind :rofl:
But I never even considered getting the turtles… hm… now with my love for durtles, maybe I should! I’d probably name him Stabby :durtle_stabby: or just for fun Yellow Rodent :durtle_yellow_rodent: (cause naming a turtle rodent would be my kind of fun =P )
Or just Durtle :wink:


I… honestly never thought about it that way.

It’s the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, mind. Not the meaning of life.


Anything special happen intl the year 1142?


The reign of 崇徳天皇 ended? The reign of 近衛天皇 started?


I had a brainwave this morning and did a little digging. Turns out the password was “Moon Moon” and obviously you had to enter it via an old Nokia phone.

I was excited to come and share this with you guys, but then I woke up.



“Looks like you found Heaven”?

Actually, this seems like a stretch – it’s hard to tell if they’re actually looking anywhere – but the postcard keeps nagging at me. Also, damn you all for getting me sucked into this. :stuck_out_tongue: I read the entire summary thread before I went to bed last night (NOT RECOMMENDED) and had really strange dreams that I can only vaguely remember.

One other thought: has anyone actually watched the Portlandia episode that Koichi was in? There’s a transcript here: I wonder if something in there could be relevant?


Not bad :joy: At least, you follow the line of the eyes and end up with words, not entirely unplausible. You don‘t happen to have an url somewhere hidden in what they sent you? Tha packaging maybe?


I’ll double check everything I have, but I don’t think so. The only URL I saw is for the artist who made the little raindrop magnets, but that’s not exactly hidden (it was right on the magnet packaging).

Unfortunately, I no longer have the shipping envelope or label – it arrived the day we put our garbage out for pickup, and it didn’t occur to me that there’d be any reason to keep it. (In my defense, that was before I read about any of this and realized the crazy lengths Koichi would go to tease us!) In any case, I don’t really remember anything unusual about it, just a standard first class USPS shipping label with my address and Tofugu’s return address…